Sqwarkr – Not just about the variables.

When we started Sqwarkr, it was all built around the variables function, and that remains our most requested and unique feature.

Since September we’ve processed 13 million Facebook posts, collating stats for Likes, Comments and Shares all in one place. But to deal with those we’ve added many other features within the platform.


If you have many accounts to manage you may want to create sub-groups of accounts. You can create as many groups as you like. 

  • Splitting your English, Scottish or Welsh accounts
  • Grouping accounts that are involved in a particular promotion
  • Grouping accounts that only want specific content, such as ‘showbiz’ or ‘sports’

Or any other accounts, access can be restricted to individual users, group by group. So you can give certain users access to say just your Scottish Accounts, while others can have access to just the English accounts. 


Drafts mean that you can plan your social timeline ahead of time and if you need to nip in and quickly edit the text, or even add in a photo, you don’t need to start the post all over again.

See what your timeline will look like, before you post it.


Every user has their own account, and users are free and unlimited. 

This means you can track exactly who posts what, and when someone leaves the company you simply close their account rather than changing all the passwords again.

What kind of accounts do you handle?

Most of the accounts we handle are UK based, looking after some of the biggest media accounts in the country.

We havent mentioned variables here, to find more about that click here