Passwords – you’re fired…

‘YOU’RE FIRED’. Such a dramatic quip, it’s no wonder Lord Sugar took it up as his catchphrase.

Yet in most circumstances, it’s not much fun to be fired or be the one doing the firing. And in the digital age, everything is just that little bit more complicated…

Remember when a disgruntled HMV employee live blogged the company’s sacking of 60 workers?

Or when a chef got his own back after being let go for asking for Christmas day off?

If social media has taught us one thing, it’s if you’re going to fire someone, you should probably remove their access to all of your accounts first.

But what’s that? They can still log in on their phone?

Too many companies forget this simple loophole. What they need is someone who acts like a burly bodyguard to sit in between the user and their social accounts…


Okay, so maybe we could use a weights session or two but by using Sqwarkr to manage your social accounts, it does mean that you can remove a user’s permissions in just one click.

But how is this different to other social media platforms?

Well, we give all accounts unlimited users at no extra cost which means that you can say adios to sharing one account and having to change the password every time someone leaves the company- whether they’ve been fired or not.