Unifeed – bring everything into one place

When you’re busy posting messages across multiple accounts and multiple platforms, checking all the interactions can get a little tedious. But if Tim from Teesside has taken the time to comment on your GIF of a dog playing the piano, maybe you should show him a bit of love back as well?

The good news is that we’ve just launched our Unifeed which means that not only can you post unique messages to each of your accounts, you can also monitor the responses you get all in one place.

For example, here we have a post that’s gone out across 8 accounts. Sqwarkr’s Unifeed shows you how many likes it’s gained, how many comments, how many shares and also the reach.

What’s more, you can respond directly to each message direct from the Unifeed, and yes, you’ll be replying as the correct account. Genius.

So stop missing opportunities to interact with your fans and start to see what posts are really working for you and your company.

You can sign up for a free Sqwarkr trial here