Wireless, let’s crank your social media up a notch

Wireless are one of the biggest radio groups in the UK.

They have national brands like Virgin Radio, talkSPORT and also a number of independent local stations. It’s these nine local stations we’re taking a look at, which have both local and networked shows:

A lot of radio groups have networked shows and when it comes to the technical challenge of splitting production and content, they’ve done a pretty good job.

So why wouldn’t you do the same with your social media?

There’s a huge amount of content that crosses over all of these brands above – competitions that run on all their websites, Ed Sheeran on the networked evening show and even ❄️snow days❄️. So if their radio can be local, why can’t their social media?

Let’s take a closer look at snow days as an example.

What if, in just one post, you could push out tailored local information – linking to the correct local website – from every local social account?

Using Sqwarkr’s easy to set up variables, you get nine unique posts in the time it usually takes to post one. Add in Facebook, and that doubles up to eighteen.

So, if it’s that simple, why haven’t Wireless been using it already?

Ah, well they have.

The evening show, Total Access, has been giving the platform a go and have already found a few useful ways to make the most out of their social media content.

Here’s an example (well, 3 of 9 posts) that show how they’ve used Sqwarkr to promote shows locally, giving followers a local listen live link.

Look they’re directing traffic to their own local website!

Not bad for something that takes no extra time 👍

Now, more posts could mean it’s harder to keep a track of the interaction from your many accounts, but Sqwarkr collates all the shares, likes, comments and allows you to reply back to them natively. You’ll also see Facebook reach – and really quickly see which content is performing best on your accounts so you can do more like that.

There are so many ways that Sqwarkr can help you speak directly and locally to your listeners, whilst engaging and growing your audience or giving new ways to involve clients. And it’s easy! 

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